Athletic Foot Injury Experts from mechanicsburg, pa

We have extensive experience working with high school athletes, ballet dancers, runners, and much more. It is extremely important to get an athletic injury taken care of as soon as possible. Leaving problems like this untreated can result in serious long term ligament, tendon, or bone damage.

Common Injuries

There are many common injuries that happen to athletes. Most commonly, this includes sprained or twisted ankles, foot and ankle fractures, tendon injuries and cuts or wounds. These can all be serious injuries if not treated properly.

Heel injuries can also occur, and should be

We are very well versed in taking care of athletic injuries, so you should feel comfortable and confident coming in for our services. Heel injuries are less common, but can still happen, especially for those that do not wear proper shoes or footwear while they are performing, or participating in their athletic game of choice. Call on us if you have a question about a possible injury.