foot surgery and therapy in mechanicsburg, pa

Your feet are in good hands

When you need surgery, it can be scary. Don't be afraid to ask questions about any concerns that you might have. If you have been told that you need foot surgery, feel free to call and schedule an evaluation. We provide surgeries for: bunions, hammertoes, fractures, neuromas, ankle surgery, Achilles tendon repair, as well as, complex foot and/or ankle reconstructions.

Trauma to the feet

You may have been in a car accident. You may have been in some other accident that injured your feet badly. We can do reconstructive surgery, and help rebuild your confidence.

Reduce your bothersome foot pain

We can do surgery to help correct and reconstruct complex congenital and acquired foot and ankle deformities, tarsal tunnel syndrome, neuromas (a bundle of nerves between the toes that cause pain), and more. We offer non-invasive NeuroTherm (Registered symbol) treatment of neuromas, which puts heat on the nerve to deaden it and stop it from sending pain signals throughout your foot.